The beginning of a series which I shall build throughout my life.
Not a celebration of death.
Just craniums.
^Skull No.1 -The Original
Skull No.2 
^Skull No.3 Wedge
^Skull No.4 -Pinky
^Skull No.5  - Goldie
^Skull No.6 - Moss
^Skull No.7 - Motherboard
^Skull No.8 - Chagrin
^Skull No.9 - Pluma
^Skull No.10 - Fruit Salad
^Skull No.11 - Ribbon
^Skull No.12 - Vimto Dreams
^Skull No.13- Meleagris
^Skull No.14 - Ghosties
^Skull No.15 - The Cove
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